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Posts by Nachum Kligman

54: Fulfilling A Need, The Book Like A Boss Story

In this episode I look at how filling a need is the best way to build a business. I specifically look at SaaS (Software as a Service) as the best type of business to launch today and why. I also go through the founding of Book Like A Boss while applying these principals. NAME: Nachum…

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53: Interview with David Reckles Digital Media Guru

In this fast pace interview with talk with Digital Media Guru and life long entrepreneur David Reckles. We talk a lot about Facebook Ads, Content Creation, lead generation and more in the online marketing space. We also talk a bit about his story from selling baseball cards online before there were internet browsers to His…

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52: Interview with Joseph Bornstein Founder of CauseMatch

From Brooklyn, NY to Ashland, Oregon to Guatemala and now in Eretz Yisroel, Joseph Bornstein has been passionate and involved in social causes since he was 17 years old. In this episode, we are inspired by his story that lead him to found CauseMatch which has raised more than $24,000,000 for organizations in less than…

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50: Interview with Brian Wallace founder of NowSourcing Inc.

Talk about a successful niche market! Brian (Benyamin) Wallace is the Founder of NowSourcing Inc. One of the leaders in info graphic design. In this inspiring episode (Our 50th!) you will hear about Brian’s story starting of as a technology guru, starting his own media company and then pivoting into the info graphic industry. His…

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48: Interview with Mendy Dalfin from The Chosen Bean

Do you love coffee? I mean really love coffee? Are you an Entrepreneur? Are you Frum? Well then you won’t want to miss this episode with Mendy Dalfin, Co-Founder of The Chosen Bean. In this interview we learn all about gourmet coffee and Mendy’s personal story as well as how he met his partner Moshe,…

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