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Podcast Interview Information

Thank you SO much for expressing an interest in joining me on the show, it’d be my pleasure to help you deliver your actionable advice to the Frum Entrepreneur community.


We are looking for successful entrepreneurs and business owners who want to inspire and advise others. Our goal of the show is to help our brethren become more successful entrepreneurs. If you feel your story can add value then please contact me with some details about you and we will set-up a time to record the interview.

Here’s a little information about how the show works:

The process

  • Once we agree on a date and time to record, I will send you a projected interview flow with the questions we will be covering. Please prepare answers and let me know if there are any questions you feel uncomfortable answering.
  • You’ll receive a few reminders in the run up to the show via email.
  • I’ll be calling you via Skype – my Skype ID is: nachum.kligman – feel free to add me as a contact beforehand if you like.
  • If the interview will be done in person then I will bring all the recording equipment we will need.
  • Please remember: interviews aren’t “live”, they’re recorded and released after the interview date. They are always edited and we can take out all the Umms and awkward pauses 🙂

Audio quality

Listeners love good audio quality and it’s really easy to achieve too, here are my top tips:

  • Sit in a nice quiet room with little background noise
  • Make sure you have a half-decent microphone:

Episode flow: running time approx. 30-35 minutes

Looking forward to having you on the show!