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Incredibly powerful music video: Where do I go?

By Nachum Kligman | 06/01/2015 |

  Produced By JETS creative Wing Video by Aryeh David Lead Actor: Yotam Menachem Lerman Father: Zalmy Raksin Wardrobe: Sroli Raksin Thanks to: Mendy Lebovic, Mendy Sitrin, Yaakov blanton, Yossi Soifer, Seewald Family and all those who help fund this project Finally a big thank you to Rabbi M Schmukler for making JETS 🙂

“Podcasting for Frummies” now available on

By Nachum Kligman | 04/27/2015 |

You can now purchase my eBook “Podcasting for Frummies” on Amazon! (Or you can receive a FREE copy just by signing up on this site!  

Jewish Pride song Fights Back Against Anti-semitism

By Nachum Kligman | 04/19/2015 |

 What makes me proud is seeing young yidden coming together and using creativity to make a statement!

We did it! #1 in iTunes New & Noteworthy

By Nachum Kligman | 03/26/2015 |

Wow, floored by the response so far! Thank you for all those that subscribed to the podcast and all the feedback you have been sending in. We are now at #1 in New & Noteworthy in iTunes in the Judaism Category! Simply awesome! Thanks so much for helping spread the word!  

We made it to iTunes New & Noteworthy

By Nachum Kligman | 03/24/2015 |

Very cool to make it into the iTunes New & Noteworthy! If you haven’t yet, please subscribe on iTunes!

And now on Stitcher!

By Nachum Kligman | 03/12/2015 |

Just got the email that we are live on Stitcher now as well!! MY SHOW LINK  

Just went live on iTunes!

By Nachum Kligman | 03/12/2015 |

Very exciting email to receive! The Frum Entrepreneur is now available on iTunes! So please subscribe and listen and please send me your feedback! Here is the link: Or search for “The Frum Entrepreneur” on iTunes!

Parnassah Expo: No better place to be for a Frum Entrepreneur

By Nachum Kligman | 03/09/2015 |

Can’t believe the Parnassah Expo is just 8 days away! Super excited to be talking about the power of podcasting! Podcasting is under the radar, but 2015 will become known as the year of the Podcast. So much is happening at a rapid pace in this industry and trust me when I say you want…